Diosa Marina Special Edition

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Aroma: Citrus & Violet & Bergamot.


 Contains: ~225 ml. (NEW size!)


 We present the new size of the freshest Flor de Venus scented candle: Marine Goddess. It's made with 100% soy wax and smells like a fresh ocean breeze with a citrusy tint of apple, melon, orange and bergamot. It also contains a mixture of lavender and a base of woody violet that will transform your room into a deep and immense sea. Ideal to accompany your magical summer nights.


 Each candle carries with it a unique and unrepeatable folio, which will indicate the creation number of your candle in our magical workshop. All candles are hand poured and decorated with lots of love for you.


 We recommend this candle if your sign is: Pisces


 Magical quality: Our Sea Goddess candle is decorated with a small blue quartz that represents calm, relaxation and spiritual balance. She also carries a handful of marigold petals, a flower used to improve sleep and stress.