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Printed Scarf "Dreams"

Printed Scarf "Dreams"

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"My mind is full of a mold that never goes away, it invades everything.

It fills the corners with humidity and sometimes I can only smell the confinement.
Checking each wall, I see photos hanging, gifts, memorabilia, scratches that had never interested me.

I have to choose what I am going to keep and what I can give... what things I will return.
I start to remove the wallpaper only to find another wallpaper and another and another and another and another.

They are layers and layers. Years

When I finish I can see all the mold that has filled my walls, but also everything that was behind them, what I hid until I was exhausted, until I forgot.
Now I can see My World. I can see myself now.

For me that is painting ❤️"

- Carla Escareno
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    Omg…so so so may beautiful things! The owner’s taste is just impeccable! Finally a place on Isla to buy all of the beautiful island clothes you want to wear while you’re here! The quality is amazing and everything is beautifully currated. It’s like he shopped all over Mexico for the most beautiful things on your behalf. Absolutely worth the trip to mid island and great restaurants opening soon. Perfect girl’s outing. #shook. #addicted.

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