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Printed Scarf/Top (Mayahuel)

Printed Scarf/Top (Mayahuel)

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Illustration inspired by the mythological Goddess of the Agave: Mayahuel

Legend has it that Mauahue lived in heaven with his Tzizimitl grandmother. Quétzalcóatl went looking for her to secretly take her to earth. Along the way, the two fell in love and upon arrival merged into a tree with two branches. Anger ruled Tzizimitl, he tore off Mayahuel's branch and threw it to the stars for them to devour. Quétzalcóatl returned to his human form and buried the remains of his beloved, which over time gave rise to the Agave plant.

Mayahuel was considered an evil Goddess, since when drinking pulque, men were possessed by one or more of her children, the Centzon Totochtin or 400 rabbits. Each rabbit represented a personality that could possess you in intoxication, be it euphoria, sleep, melancholy, love, and well, you may have already experienced some more :P

We see Mayahuel as a powerful, feminist Goddess who was punished and was reborn to become a beautiful plant that represents us as Mexicans.
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