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Welcome to your online taste of Caribbean style. The majority of our products are handmade locally in Mexico with quality artisan textiles. We strive to provide quality clothing, jewelry, and accessories to all of our clients. Each item in we carry has been carefully selected and has been confected with care and intention.


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  • Madison Robideau

    What a beautiful hidden gem! We stumbled across this boutique while roaming the wonderful streets of Isla Mujeres.

    Such an aesthetically pleasing boutique with high quality clothing at a great price!

    The owner and employee, for the life of me I can’t remember their names, gave great customer service and are very knowledgeable about the area! With their help, I found the perfect outfit for our pictures tomorrow.

    I will definitely be a returning online customer and hope to visit again in person when we have more time!

  • John Kaunds

    Visited this boutique and enjoyed a great shopping experience! Matthew gave us excellent advice without pushing product and allowed my wife to browse and try on jewellery and clothes. Ended up purchasing a jewelry set that really showed well on my wife. Their line of jewelry and clothing are classy yet easy to wear in hot climate, like Isla Mujeres. Looking for a memorable shopping experience? Check this place out, no regrets!

  • Taylor Joseph

    Excellent customer care and class. I enjoyed the gorgeous selection of quality crafted articles. I was delighted to have the opportunity to try on the clothing and assisted with exquisite service. I enjoyed every one of my purchases and absolutely recommend indulging in the uniquely beautiful garments. You’re in good care when you shop here! Guaranteed to find something you’ll love!